Raspberry Pi - Weather Client
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Raspberry Pi - Weather Client

Raspberry Pi - Weather Client

Weather is an unpredictable thing, so now-a-days there are apps to predict the weather and help you plan your day. Most major smartphones have these apps built-in, adding extra convenience in the morning. I decided to build a Weather Client for the Raspberry Pi, to give it too, a weather client.

Introducing WeatherPi! WeatherPi uses Adafruit’s new Pi LCD Plate, to display information relevant to your location. WeatherPi is an open-source python app.


You Will Need:

  1. Raspberry Pi, any version will work

  2. Adafruit LCD Plate, available here

  3. A working distro of Raspbian Wheezy

  4. Internet Access on your Pi

Software Setup:

Install Git:

Install I2C Utilities:

Add the following lines to ‘/etc/modules’

Reboot! Clone the WeatherPi Repo:

Cd into the folder:

Execute the Main App: